held on Auguat 3rd 2017 was a big success

It Started with a typical 1950's lunch followed by an afternoon of Classic 50's Music, Dancing and being entertained by a group of young people who invested their time into learning dance routines specially for the event and they were good.

A great raffle with so many prizes I certainly lost count, it was also attended by a photographer from the local press, the Mayor had been invited but was unable to attend, she missed a great afternoon.

There were genuine 50's party snacks from Cheese and pineapple to sausage rolls, fish paste, Tomato and corned beef sandwiches, volavantes, and much much more.

There was a lot of effort put into the preparation of the event by the volunteers and organisers alike,

I am sure this was appreciated by all and my guess is that they are probably looking forward to the next event.    

To the right are a couple of  pictures as the appeared in the Slough Observer when we were visited by the photographer
during the clubs 1950's celebration event.
The 1950's Event
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